Studio Fans

Material: ostrich drab feathers grade A
Quantity: Each fan has 12 feathers on 1 layer or 20 feathers on 2 layers
Length of feathers: 40-50 cm
Open width: from 70 to 100 cm
Struttura portante: stecche di plexiglas
Thickness staves: 40 to 45 mm
Colors: choose 1 or 2 colors from a wide range available
Weight: about 300/400 grams each fan



My ostrich Studio Fans are perfect for practicing fan dance and improving your skills, and they are also beautiful for stage solo shows and group performance!

Designed especially for training, for beginners and performers who don't need big feather fans, but looking for something lightweight and easy to use!

They they are made out of top quality drab feathers. Drab feathers differ from plumes because they are thinner and lighter, so they make the fans easier to maneuver and even less heavy!

You can use these fans not just for dance and shows but as home decor and shop windows, stage scenography, theatre and videoclips.


Tutti i ventagli sono fatti su misura, non sono pronti da spedire e i tempi di produzione possono variare in base alla disponibilità delle piume scelte e alla lista di attesa. 

Additional informations

Weight1 kg
Size60 × 20 × 15 cm
Amount of feathers

12 on 1 layer, 20 on 2 layers

Open fan width

70-80 cm, 90-100 cm


bicolor, degradé, tinta unita


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