Did you buy a product manufactured by Effplume and get the warranty certificate? This gives you the right of life-long warranty on your purchase.

In this page you will find all terms of the warranty and necessary informations to activate the warranty.

  1. This warranty covers the products manufactured by Effplume.
  2. The products has been tested before delivery. If you notice a defect or malfunction on first use, please contact Effplume. If the defect has occured during the shipping and you have required a shipping insurance, Effplume will arrange a refunding request to the courier.
  3. The warranty has no time limitation and the buyer can activate at any time after purchase.
  4. The warranty can be activated by the owner of the product. If the first buyer sells the product to another person a copy of invoice is needed to activate the warranty.
  5. When receiveng a request of warranty, Effplume reserves the right to verify the request and the pictures provided.
  6. The warranty refers to the free repair of defective or no more working components, or their replacement with new and equal level parts.
  7. The warranty covers only ordinary maintenance.
  8. The warranty does not apply to transformation or embellishment which are not necessary for the proper functioning of the product.
  9. The warranty does not apply to usury due to normal use of the product and to usury of natural feathers.
  10. The warranty does not apply to modified products or whose parts have been manipulated with no authorization of the manufacturer.
  11. The warranty does not apply to products that are used improperly or negligently.
  12. In cases referred to points 8 – 9 – 10 – 11 Effplume will put forward the most suitable and cheapest actions available. The beneficial market price list will be applied.
  13. The warranty includes: expenses for materials for repair or substitution and labor by Effplume.
  14. The warranty does not include: expenses for shipping of the product to and from and labor eventually executed by others.
  15. Effplume offers remote assistance in any case you will need help with the product or if shipping results impossible or less convenient for the client.
  16. For requests of replacing parts of higher level compared to the original product, the beneficial market price list will be applied.
  17. Fill the following form to activate your warranty.
We need your email address to inform about your request
We need your phone number in case of issue of your email address
Number and date
Briefly describe the defect of damage occurred. After you send this form, we will ask you to send some pictures.